Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart is the largest city in the German state of Baden-Württemberg and the cradle of the German Automobile industry. Usually when you look Stuttgart up in a travel book, you will see a picture of the Mercedes Benz Museum and maybe the Schlossplatz. There isn't much more of it that's amazing to look at. It’s a wealthy, modern city, but lacks an Art scene compared to Berlin, Leipzig, or Hamburg. This city also might have won the award for most times I was harassed and Heckled by passers-by, but I also have had some of the most positive interactions. So, who knows? Also, the earnings are generally great. For street musicians, there is plenty of opportunity to play music due to all of the restaurants and open-air shopping, and is one of the most receptive spots in southern Germany.



Königstraße is the city’s major shopping and dining district. There are plenty of places for a street musician to play; the only problem is beating the others out to the prime spots. There are so many street performers that finding a spot not in earshot of their music or act is tough. The earlier you arrive, the better.

Stuttgart Vaihingen


This nearby residential district is not as bustling as The town center, but there is a nifty tunnel next to the Kaufland with excellent echo and acoustics. Great for practice and a more casual, quiet session.

In General, Stuttgart is full of nooks and crannies that might not be where you'd expect to find buskers, but can always count on someone being there.


For Stuttgart:

Affordability - 3/5
Hospitality - 3/5
Police Friendliness - 4/5
Penny Rating - 4/5

Paul Conroy