Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is such a beautiful city with a tremendous history. But at times something felt off about it, such as beer costing $9 a glass or that cannonball alleged to be from an actual battle against Danish ships 100 years ago. Despite that, the city seems to offer a bolstering music scene and arts-oriented culture, which is great for busking.

Anyways, here are two neighborhoods for busking in Sverige's Capitol:



Along this strip of the Swedish capital's largest shopping promenade a busker can make a steady home, at least until winter comes. [cue Game of Thrones meme.] Whatever the get-up you have for your performance, you owe it to yourself to see this place, because nothing is more Swedish than two H&Ms across from each other.

Despite the bland, modern look of this promenade, there is a genuine reception to street musicians. Because traffic is closed to cars and the tightly-placed buildings create a nice echo, this spot is perfect for acoustic instruments. Due to this street's popularity, try to arrive early to beat out other buskers from taking all the best spots.

Galma Stan


As the location of the Royal Palace and dozens of gift shops with little stuffed moose, this island-district has tiny streets that open to several wide cobblestone market squares, all great for playing music. Unlike Drottninggatan, there is much more of the historic Swedish character in Galma Stan, so playing here might all around be a more stimulating way to spend your day.

Here are the ratings for the city with the world’s chillest Vikings:

Affordability - 0/5
Hospitality - 4/5
Police Friendliness 4/5
Penny Rating - 3/5

Paul Conroy