About Reisender

Reisender began when singer-songwriter Paul Conroy bought a neglected mandolin for 40 euros from a Flea Market in Stuttgart, Germany. The first few songs were written under bridges and on street corners of 20 different cities in Europe. What began as scrappy busker tunes eventually evolved an eclectic mix of 80s-reminiscent synths and drums, grooving mandolin riffs, and unadulterated indie pop hooks. In 2016, Conroy partnered with Nic Gracia and Rob Marshall of The Canvas Group to mix and master Conroy's debut EP "New Year" and soon after the three formed a band and developed their signature sound, opening for national touring bands such as Hippo Campus and Eisley in San Francisco clubs including Great American Music Hall, Bottom of the Hill, and Rickshaw Stop.

In 2018, Reisender's live line-up changed to include guitarist and trombonist Rurik Schtaklef, who with Conroy perform as a dynamic two-piece. Nic Gracia and Rob Marshall of The Canvas Group continued to help craft Reisender's sound in the studio by co-writing and producing two more singles with Conroy: "Generation 1099" and "Slowmotional." Both these songs would offer a new stylistic edge to the band's sound, comparable to Phoenix, Tame Impala, and St. Lucia. Conroy's greatest personal influences are Paul Simon, Damon Albarn, Pixies, and Paul McCartney.


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